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Pandora's Tower

Enough to turn you vegan

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While the fighting is fun, some of the interconnecting parts aren't so hot. We're talking long, featureless corridors where you're running towards the camera and 'puzzles' that involve nothing more than walking to the other side of the map to pull a switch.

Ende jumps and climbs automatically, and the chain is used for swinging from grapple points. It's hard to fall down the tower by accident, so the difficulty comes mainly from trying to figure out the layout in rooms that look extremely samey. Being unable to move the camera to have a look around doesn't help at all.

Being mostly an action game, it's easy to play in Japanese, at least on a basic level. You might come unstuck with some of the upgrades and items, but trial and error pays off in the end.

To extend your time in the tower you'll have to talk to Ceres and bring her non-meaty gifts - she's actually a vegetarian, believe it or not. Going through every conversation option seems to do the trick, although it's quite a tedious chore.

So this isn't exactly Wii's God Of War, but it's not a bad little diversion. Good bosses, some rudimentary exploration and a girl who's part slug. Fleshy, low-budget import fun.

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The verdict

It's nothing amazing, but for a game announced just four months before release it's actually quite a pleasant surprise. Import it if you're rich.

  • Nice orchestral music pieces
  • Decent voice acting
  • Fun action gameplay
  • Frame rate is never all that good
  • Combat deserves a better engine
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