Urban Champion gets 3D classics treatment for 3DS

Nintendo remakes its 1984 street brawler

Some bloke on the street annoys you. What do you do? Punch him down a manhole, that's what. If you appreciate old-school videogame logic, you might enjoy Urban Champion when it arrives as a 3DS '3D Classic'.


In case you're unsure, 3D Classics are old Nintendo games completely remade in 3D for 3DS, and sold as downloads via the eShop. Xevious and Excitebike are currently the only games available in 3D. Urban Champion joins them, in Japan at least, on July 13.

Urban Champion is pretty basic - you control one guy, who fights with another guy on the street, both punching each other until one falls down the manhole behind them while avoiding projectiles thrown by disgruntled locals.

The new version features not just new 3D environments but an added wireless multiplayer mode.

It's hooliganism at its finest, and this was Nintendo in 1984. When did the company go all soft on us?

There's currently no word on a UK release.

[ SOURCE: Joystiq ]