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First 3DS Final Fantasy game has rhythm

Square announces FF-themed rhythm-action game for 3DS

No, it's not a joke. Square has announced the first Final Fantasy game for 3DS, and it's a rhythm action title. Soz.


It's called Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, according to Andriasang's translations of the reveal in this week's issue of Japan's Jump magazine - a 'theatre rhythm action' game set in the Final Fantasy universe.

Andriasang says the game has 'field scenes set in dungeons and towns, and battle scenes that resemble the side-view battles of older Final Fantasy games', and 'everything is played like a rhythm game, where you tap the screen in accordance with prompts.'

Music will, of course, be recognisable to series fans, as will a range of characters throughout the series depicted in a 'cute Chibi-style- art form. The whole thing will apparently be tied to a light story, in which 'the classic Final Fantasy characters are fighting to return light to the crystal'.

There's currently no release date, but we're actually keen to see this in action.

Okay we'll go sit in a corner now.

[ SOURCE: Andriasang ]