Nintendo sued over 3DS screen

Spec-less 3D belongs to Tomita Technologies, apparently

Those familiar with game industry news will not be the least bit surprised to hear Nintendo is now being sued over its latest hardware release, 3DS.


The platform holder's spec-less 3D screen apparently allegedly infringes on a 2003 patent filed by Tomita Technologies, relating to a "stereoscopic image picking up and display system based upon optical axes cross-point information".

According to the complaint: "Nintendo's America's infringement of the '664 patent has been, and continues to be, willful." It doesn't detail the precise issue it has with Nintendo's device, but says it's incurred damages "in an amount not yet determined", and seeks a trial by jury. It awaits a court decision.

This is all in a day's work for Nintendo, who has been sued for everything from the Wii Remote's unique design and its motion sensors to the controller ports.

Yeah, the sodding PORTS.

[ SOURCE: Shack News ]