iOS gamers play twice as long as other mobile owners

Apple gamers the most hardcore of the mobile group

A recent Neilson survey has found that iOS gamers play games twice as much as owners of other mobile devices.


It comes as no surprise considering the sheer size of the App Store, and the almost console-like quality of some of the iPhone/iPad's games.

Apparently iOS gamers spend an average of 14.7 hours a month gaming on their touch screens, while the next nearest figure is 9.3 hours, set by Android users.

Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 came out with a disappointing 4.7 hours considering the device's commitment to gaming with Xbox Live integration and achievements.

New rumours this week suggest Apple's as-yet unannounced iPhone 4 successor will sport a slimmer and lighter form factor, plus a revamped Qualcomm produced CPU and an improved camera.

[ SOURCE: Shack News ]