MS warns against Kinect 'Zoom' modification

Space-saving Nyko peripheral not officially endorsed

Microsoft has responded to news of Nyko's space-saving Kinect 'Zoom' peripheral - and the Redmond giant hasn't exactly given the product its blessing.


Japanese accessory manufacturer Nyko revealed Zoom at E3, where it won a positive response from critics.

The company claims that the clip-on magnifier allows users to play Kinect games in 40 per cent less space than usually required.

The Zoom was nominated for Best Hardware in Show at E3 by IGN, GameSpot, Machinima and G4 X-Play - but Microsoft clearly wasn't quite so impressed.

CVG asked MS this morning if the device was officially approved and endorsed by Xbox. A company spokesperson replied:

"Kinect has been tested for performance, accuracy and environmental conditions thoroughly. Any modification can impact the overall performance of Kinect."

Nyko says it is "proud of the design and technology accomplishments achieved with the Zoom", and has taken out multiple patents to "ensure the first and only play space reduction lens for Kinect remains a mainstay of the Nyko line".

It's due for release in August - if the Microsoft police don't get to it first.

Fingers crossed no-one tells MS about the Game Boat. (According to creator Atomic Accessories: "De facto the first accessory for the peripheral which doesn't need any.")