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'You handle my wife as well as you handle this car?'

ESRB rates Driver's 'drug references, language and sexual themes'

Driver: San Francisco has been given a Teen rating by ESRB for drug references, language, sexual themes and violence.


It's one of the tamer ratings we've seen recently; Gears of War 3 was rated 18 by BBFC for the usual "strong bloody violence." Why the BBFC feels the need to swear in its summaries, we'll never know.

Here's what ESRB had to say about the latest in the Driver series:

"This is an action-racing game in which players assume the role of a police officer who must stop an escaped convict from terrorizing San Francisco. As players drive through open-world environments, they use a psychic ability to control (i.e., "shift" into) nearby cars and complete mission-based objectives.

"Some missions involve forcing multiple vehicles to crash head-on; for example, players can use telekinesis to throw vehicles at fleeing cars. Collisions are highlighted by slow-motion effects, realistic crashing sounds, and large explosions.

"During the course of the game, the dialogue occasionally references sexual material (e.g., "You know she likes it rough," "You handle my wife as well as you handle this car?" and "Oh come on, strippers are nice. I like strippers!"). The dialogue also references drugs (e.g., '17 counts of murder, smuggling, and drug trafficking' and "Why am I called Crack Keith? I don't do drugs, do I?). The words "sh*t," "a*shole," and "b*tch" can be heard in dialogue."