'Move gave Heavy Rain a new-found sense of urgency'

Mailbox: Or was it unfamiliarity with the controller that did it?

On last week's mailbox regular reader Michael Hylett sent in another letter, this time talking about his lack of emotional reaction to the Dead Island trailer and the hype around it.

This week Roz Edwards sent over an e-mail to PSM3 talking about how the PlayStation Move changed his gameplay experience when playing through Heavy Rain.

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After reading your debate about the future of the PlayStation Move, I was a little surprised to find the Heavy Rain: Move Edition referred to by one of your writers as a 'disaster'. I'd heard great things about Heavy Rain and I was reluctant to dismiss it as little more than a series of Quick-Time Events, as so many other magazines and websites had, but I have to admit that playing the first few chapters with a controller left me a bit bored of the gameplay. It felt repetitive, and a bit too easy.


Then I decided to switch to Move controls and it gave the game a whole new lease of life for me, and not just because I'm easily entertained by brightly-coloured glowing balls. What the Move controller did was throw me out of my comfort zone.

After ten years of using a DualShock and becoming familiar with its every intricacy, I was suddenly taken by surprise. As the action unfolded I was scrambling for buttons and my hands were reacting in a whole new way, giving the game a newfound sense of urgency and drama.

As a result I felt closer to the strife of the characters. Like them, I had a feeling of not knowing what was coming next. Every dangerous situation felt a little realer and more intense. It felt like a whole new game.

PSM3 says: You're one of only a handful of people to stick up for Heavy Rain's Move controls, and for the record we didn't call it a 'disaster.' It's an interesting theory, though; that clumsy controls can actually heighten the impact. It's something Silent Hill always did well, creating a nightmare-like vulnerability in its ordinary-person-trapped-in-hell characters.

CVG says: We're glad you enjoyed playing through Heavy Rain with the Move but we can't help but feel like you're saying it was a better experience because you found yourself fumbling your way around the controller. We're wondering if you would have felt the same if you played the game after spending enough time with the Move.

The sound of failing segments of the game because we don't know how to use the controller doesn't sound like fun to us, and are guessing that wasn't the way Quantic Dreams expected people to derive entertainment from their experience. Each to their own though.