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Wii U: How it will change gaming as you know it

Nothing compares to U...

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"There are so many options in what can be done, it's actually difficult to narrow down what I should do next," joked Miyamoto in a post-reveal interview. What an idea: the father of modern videogames, and his army of protégés, faced with hardware exceeding their imaginations. Considering the potent fun they've cooked up within the technologically claustrophobic Wii, their next move could change the face of gaming forever.

Of course, we have questions: cold hard specs, controller range, detailed online plans, price ("This is not going to be cheap," said Iwata, ominously) and release date (between May and December 2012). Only one thing is truly known for sure: it's been a long time since we held something genuinely new in our hands. Not since our first serve in Wii Sports Tennis, in fact. And here it is: as big as a family sized Dairy Milk and glorious to behold.

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