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PS Vita video shows Cross-play, Near, Party apps

Check out the PS3 link up and social features of Sony's new handheld

Want to know how Vita will will soothe your social media life? Well, the video below shows off the greatly intriguing social features Sony's packing into the PlayStation Vita, as well as how it will connect with PS3.

In case you missed all the announcements at E3 last month, Vita is the name of Sony's PSP successor, and some of the new handheld's more innovative features come in the form of social apps and PS3 connectivity.

The Near app will let you detect and communicate with PSV owners in your local surroundings, while Party lets you group up with and talk to friends no matter what game/app they're running on their Vitas (you know, that cross-game chat feature we've wanted on PS3 for years).

Cross-Play will work with games that release on both PS3 and Vita, letting you transfer save data and pick up where you left off on the console of your choice.

Check it out in the video:

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