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New Batman: Arkham City video promised for Comic Con

Rocksteady readying new preview for this month's San Diego event

If you're excited about Rocksteady's second Batman game, Batman: Arkham City, you'll want to be hammering your F5 key here during the Comic Con expo later this month.


Deciphering a cryptic code strewn out over several recent Twitter posts, fan site rearranged an epic anagram to come out with the very clear message: "ROCKSTEADY IS RELEASING A VIDEO AT SDCC".

'SDCC' is obviously the San Diego Comic Con event, taking place on July 21-24. Rocksteady's expected to host a Batman panel at the show on the 21st, so that's the day to keep your eyes out.

If you can't wait until then, check our detailed dissection of the latest gameplay trailer.

There are no hints as to what the video will showcase, but since the game is looking so good already we really don't mind.

Just give us it here.