Freedom Fighters sequel 'definitely interests' IO

But Hitman is the focus right now, says studio

Hitman developer IO Interactive is 'definitely interested' in making a sequel to one of its lesser-known titles, 2003's excellent Freedom Fighters.


The third-person shooter saw players fight as part of a New York resistance against invading Soviet forces. By performing heroic deeds, players could increase their charisma and recruit other freedom fighters adding a squad management dynamic to the action.

A fan asked IO Interactive via Twitter, "Is there ever a chance there will be a sequel to Freedom Fighters. That was an awesome game."

"It's definitely something a lot of us are interested in doing," IO responded. "But right now, the focus is on Hitman: Absolution."

Part of that focus has been to make the Hitman Absolution AI 'more advanced than ever'.

Watch our interview with gameplay director Christian Elverdam to find out more.

[ SOURCE: IO on Twitter ]