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You speak, we laugh...

It's that time of the week again folks, the time we reflect on what a wonderful time we've had over the past seven days by going through the week's news posts.

While we're walking through the meadow of gaming news we take some time to amble off-track and pluck some of the juiciest comments from the surrounding bushes. Basically the stuff you guys and gals said that made us chuckle.

This week we've had more hacking fiascos, reports saying video games are good for educating and major Uncharted movie news. As always you've been right there with witty, dirty and down right outrageous comments.

Here's some of our faves.

PlayStation 4 will feature Kinect-style controls, out 2012 - report

It will come in black, white and indigo and be designed by Gok Wan. It'll play DVD, Blu-Ray, VHS, LP and Cheese on toast. The start up theme tune will be performed by whoever Simon Cowell damn well chooses. It has WI-FI, 3G, MP3, R2D2 and BMW capabilities. And it'll be in the shape of Pippa Middleton's arse.

You had us at Gok Wan, El Mag.

PS4 will absorb players into the game like never before, by actually absorbing players into the game.

Balladeer has a harrowing vision of the future.


The primary input method of the PS4 WILL be your eyes. It will come with eye spoons to removed your eyes and replace them with Eye Replacement Balls, you put your real eyes in the PS4 Eye Holding Caddy and through a fully intuitive rolling and blinking series of combos ALL games will be directly controllable in ways we cannot yet imagine.




It's going to redefine gaming. We'll call it Eyeing.

boskersrevenge ........ We're in.

Uhm...How can you blink with your eyeballs without the eyelids left back on the main body? :? Back to the drawing board, Sony!

P.S. For the scientifically inclined: The temperature under the human eyelid is comparable to that of a refrigerator. Without eyelids your eyeballs would dry up, and you'd go blind. Isn't science great! :D

You're like a teacher to us The_KFD_Case. The cool kind that always perches on the desk and says, "Guys, please, call me Casey."

Pfff, fanboy!

You control the Eye Replacement Balls with the blinks and through a special telepathy headband, you roll your eyes in the PS4 - noob!

It's the future

boskersrevenge you business plan is water-tight. You are taking it on Dragon's Den aren't you?

Education Secretary: Games have 'huge potential for teaching'

Totally agree, games can teach you many things, why only last night I learnt that if you hog-tie someone and leave them on a train line, they will explode when the train hits them.

Thank you Red Dead Redemption for this most valuable lesson.

And you've also leant never to do it haven't you daveon? Haven't you?

Example from a GCSE Maths paper in 2018

If it takes sgt biggs 3 shots to kill each enemy and has 12 shots in his rifle. Where is the camping bastard that shoots him in the back of the head?

Do we need to show our working out WHERESMYMONKEY?

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