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CVG's Heroes and Villains of the Week

Our champions and chumps over the past seven days...

Today we herald the beginning of a new feature on CVG.

This is CVG's Heroes and Villains of the Week. Where the great and good are lifted high above crowds of adoring fans while the mean and nasty are shoved in the sin bin so they can think about what they've done.

It could be a publisher, a studio, an individual or even a game character. Fictional or otherwise, no-one will go unnoticed for a heroic deed just as no-one shall escape our judgemental eye for a particularly cockish act.

We'll pick our top three heroes and villains of the week and then leave it up to you lot to give us yours.

Here we go:



Who? LucasArts' Chris Hocking
Why? He's right, we need to tone down the fart jokes.

To anyone getting a little bit weary of red barrels, AK 47s and meat-headed military types, LucasArts' Clint Hocking is your man on the inside this week.

The creative director compared the games industry to Viking culture, bloated with beer and pent-up aggression (he made sure to note that there was little in the way of rape and murder going on though. Phew).

"A very significant portion of our overall culture is fart jokes," he admitted before calling for change making the astute point that the Viking Empire was toppled in 1066 by a better-balanced culture because "it never learned how to be sustainable instead of expansionist".

A push for a more balanced gaming output and a history lesson? Clint Hocking is a bloke we can get on board with.


Who? Sony
Why? Because sometimes 30 days just isn't enough.

We had plenty of time and more than enough warning but some of us lazy sods still managed to let the Welcome Back expiration creep up on us.

Then we had the gall to complain when Sony shut down the offer early on in the day rather than towards the end. Spoilt, that's what it was.

But, like a parent that can't bear to see their baby sad, Sony took pity and gave us another day to get ourselves in gear. Sometimes Sony, we don't deserve you.

Oh and here's a hearty pat on the back for bringing the Uncharted 3 release date forward as well, Sony.


Who? Director Neil Burger
Why? For potentially saving the Uncharted film.

It could (and probably will) still all go a bit boobs up but things are finally looking up for the Uncharted film.

The history of game-to-movie adaptations means we still don't hold much hope, but to go from the prospect of David O. Russel's family of globetrotting art lovers to Limitless' Neil Burger promising a more faithful vision for Uncharted is pleasing.

So Neil, for this week at least, you're our hero for telling us exactly what we wanted to hear. Also, 'Burger' is a great name.



Who? Brendan McNamara
Why? For taking the shine off LA Noire's success.

We don't need to remind you of the controversy storm that the Team Bondi bosses have found themselves in recently.

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