Space Invaders movie in the making

Writer sought for story purposes

Classic video game Space Invaders looks set to be adapted into a Hollywood movie. Nope, we're not quite sure how it's going to work either.


The Taito and Midway title is reportedly due to be transferred into cinema form by producers Lorenzo di Bonaventura and Odd Lot Entertainment's Gigi Pritzker.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the duo have optioned the rights to the franchise, and can now develop the project.

They are looking a writer to come up with a story for the picture. Good luck with that one.

It's not di Bonaventura's first foray into adapting classic 1980s entertainment fare into movies. He is credited as a producer on the recent Transformers and G.I. Joe movies.

He is also developing a movie based on another classic arcade game, Asteroids.

Space Invaders was originally released in 1978, but enjoyed its arcade hall purple patch at the turn of the decade.