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GTA V reveal coming this summer - Rumour

US Official Xbox Magazine has heard whispers...

Rockstar may be set to reveal the first GTA V release details this summer, according to Official Xbox Magazine US.


The publisher hasn't confirmed a single detail surrounding any new GTA, but crafty online domain registrations and deleted Tweets from actors have lifted the lid on the games possible existence.

Now OXM US reports in its rumour section: "Time's up, says The Ball. Expect Grand Theft Auto V to be announced later this summer."

CVG has been told the new game is likely to be set in a real world Los Angeles location, and will satirise modern-day talking points such as social networks and sub-prime mortgages.

Rockstar is still celebrating the great success of UK No.1 L.A Noire. The title's Reefer Madness DLC will be released next week.

[ SOURCE: NeoGaf ]