Video: FIFA 12 producer unveils Career mode

First details and exclusive chat with EA Sports' Rutter

EA Sports has officially lifted the lid on FIFA 12's Career mode - and we've got an exclusive interview with series boss David Rutter discussing all the new features.


Once again the FIFA 12 team says it's making the Career mode one of its main priorities in this year's instalment, building on the news and transfer engines introduced in FIFA 11.

The most prominent change this year is in the range of issues and conditions players themselves carry, EA explains. In FIFA 12 players will now complain if they don't get a game, and eventually lose morale and alert other clubs to bid for them if you don't treat them nicely.

Media coverage has also seen a big boost, and mock-feeds now produce all sorts of news topics based on your actions in the game. For example, media reporting is ramped up if one of your star players is injured, and when they eventually make it back to training the virtual hacks will speculate that your man might play in the next game - and criticise you if he's rushed back to another injury.

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Finally, EA Sports promises an improved transfer system for FIFA 12's Career Mode, with more information presented to the player and even advice from the chairman on which bidding approach is best for each individual player.

There's also a new scouting system this year, which will allow you to dispatch footy spies to look at the youth players of the world and then bring back partial stats and suggestions.

Overall it's sounding like EA Sports is again taking big steps in this area then. It might not transform into the world's best management sims this year - or even next - but if the team keep giving it this amount of attention it could certainly get close eventually.

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