F1 2011 'isn't a quick update', expect 'cool new features'

Codemasters assures it isn't taking its foot off the pedal

F1 2011 is anything but a quick annual knock-off, with Codemasters promising "cool new features" built on the same "foundation of tech".

"I think we've been working even harder because the success of last year meant you can't really take your foot off the pedal," lead gameplay designer Steven Hood told OXM in the latest OXM Report, available on Xbox Live this evening.

"People are automatically thinking 'they're going to do a quick update, put in the same tracks again, some new cars', as you mention. Nothing could be further from the truth. This is about putting cool new features in.


"You've got that foundation of tech. What does everybody want to see in the title? That's what we're doing this year."

Here's a snippet from the video:

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