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First Dishonored screenshot, details

Super powers and a player-affected world detailed in Bethesda's new title

US retailer mag Game Informer has snagged the first screenshot and details for Bethesda's new "first-person stealth/action adventure", Dishonored.


Developed by Arkane Studios (Arx Fatalis, Dark Messiah of Might & Magic), due out in 2012 and first rumoured last week, Dishonored is described as "a game about assassination where you don't have to kill anyone."

The most exciting thing about the steampunk-enthused title, however, is the talent behind it; Arkane founder Raf Colantonio teams with Deus Ex lead designer Harvey Smith as co-creative director, while Viktor Antonov, the man who designed Half-Life 2's iconic City 17, is lending his talents to Dishonored's world.

According to GI, the game has you playing as Corvo, the bodyguard of an Empress who's falsely imprisoned for her murder by the corrupt Lord Regent.

But Corvo has a set of interesting supernatural powers, which players can combine to create interesting effects such as pausing time, summoning allied beasts or possessing an animal.

"He's not only a skilled combatant accomplished in the art of not being seen, but Corvo has a suite of supernatural powers that combine with his natural talents and unusual gadgets to make him one of the most lethal men in the known world," explains GI.

"The trick is that a single power doesn't just do damage or heal you. You can combine them organically to create interesting effects," it adds.

This throws up a scenario of choice for the player, with every problem having multiple possible solutions. GI offers examples: "Stop time and knock a bunch of stuff off a table in one direction then book it in another, so the guards search for you in the wrong place. Summon a swarm of rats to attack one guard, but possess one of the rats and escape in the chaos."

But the game features a 'Chaos' system that determines how violent a player you are and how much damage you cause and changes the world around you as a result.

"Unlike a light/dark side meter, though, it's a behind-the-scenes element that affects story decisions without punishing the player or pushing them to play one way or another," the mag.

New info will be revealed throughout the month. Keep your eyes peeled.

[ SOURCE: Game Informer ]