Battlefield hijacks Modern Warfare website

Cheeky redirect dumps Modern Warfare fans behind enemy lines

EA may have launched the latest attack on FPS rival Activision, by picking up a Modern Warfare 3 URL and redirecting it to its own Battlefield website.


'' is a domain you would have thought publishing giant Activision would have secured years ago, but COD fans will be bamboozled this morning when they are taken to the homepage of the series' biggest FPS rival should they use the URL directly.

Investigation reveals that the Modern Warfare 3 URL was actually registered way back in 2009 privately, so the owner's details are not public.

That means there's no way of telling whether EA is actually behind the redirect or whether it's all the work of some cheeky Battlefield 3 fan.

It also appears that the last update on the site was made yesterday, suggesting that the redirect was either put in place by the original 2009 owner recently or the domain changed hands yesterday to whoever the culprit may be.

EA and Activision have, of course, been at eachother's throats not least since legal disputes erupted over the Battlefield publisher taking on former Infinity Ward bosses Jason West and Vincent Zampella.

With Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 coming head-to-head in the latest FPS battle, the jabs from both sides have been thinly veiled.