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Treyarch: We don't set Black Ops DLC prices

Developer doesn't really have "much to do with the business aspect of it"

Call of Duty: Black Ops multiplayer lead Dan Bunting has fielded questions on the relatively high pricing of map packs for the franchise, which have cost 1200 Microsoft Points (£10.28) for as long as we can remember.


Speaking about critics who complain publisher Activision is milking the series too heavily with frequent and expensive DLC packs, Bunting told Gamasutra:

"You know, we're on the development side, so we don't really have much to do with the business aspect of it, but we just strive to give players the most value that we can possibly give. If you look at how many hours - in some cases, hundreds of hours - for some players of entertainment they get, I think it's an incredible value."

Bunting also said he feels Treyarch's multiplayer map design is getting stronger with each new release.

"We've had three DLC map packs for the fans within about six to seven months of launch, which is a record for us. I think it's incredible, and everyone's really excited about the fact that we can support a game for that long and keep the fans interested. That really is our strategy; we just want to make sure that we're keeping new, fresh content out there for the fans to keep them playing our game.

"One of our biggest areas of improvement is designing the maps from the last game to this game. I think the maps are much stronger and our DLC maps continue to be even stronger than some of the maps that we shipped with the game because we're continually learning ways to improve on the design and give players what they want and more variety."

He also said the development team was surprised by players' general preference for smaller maps like Nuketown.

"I think that a lot of our fans like the smaller maps, which is a little surprising to us because it's more chaotic and less predictable; you can get into some bad spawn situations, and there's a lot of killstreaks in the air, which makes it a lot more challenging to play on a small map. But it's funny that players seem to embrace that kind of chaotic experience."

Ahead of the launch of the Black Ops Escalation map pack in May, Treyarch community boss Josh Olin said that CoD fans have relaxed over the 1200MSP price for Black Ops DLC.

Clearly the pricing remains an issue for some gamers, but millions continue to download each new release. Treyarch launched title update 11 for Black Ops on Xbox 360 today, and recently dropped hints that a fourth map pack is in development for the shooter, following the June launch of the Annihilation DLC on 360.

[ SOURCE: Gamasutra ]