Battlefield 3 'demolished' MW3 at E3 - PC Gamer

UK Editor Tim Edwards says DICE title was "easily game of the show"

EA's Battlefield 3 didn't just top Activision's Modern Warfare 3 at E3 2011 - it "destroyed" and "demolished" it.


That's according to the latest issue of PC Gamer, in which editor Tim Edwards describes how DICE's title impressed on the first day of the Los Angeles show - and then remained "front and centre in my mind" for the event's duration.

"Judged by presence, hype and word-of mouth, Battlefield crushed Call Of Duty at the convention," he reports, adding that "Battlefield 3 isn't shown at the Microsoft presentation... frankly we're wondering if it can even run on Microsoft's console."

CVG noted the difference between EA and Activision's stands at the time - with the former's full of noise and hands-on demos..., and the latter's compiled of a handful of TV screens and some low-key behind-closed doors presentations.

PCG reports that Activision gave a press-only demo MW3's Spec Ops Survival mode in L.A, which it calls a "military shooter take on Killing Floor: waves of bad men with guns attacks teams of two players".

Although the concept is "simple", the mag says that it's at least "blessed with imagination" - particularly its smart level-up system of earning money to spend on armaments.

"Everyone agrees it's a fun addition," says Edwards, "but it's nothing compared to the weight of the unveiling of Battlefield 3's multiplayer."

New class mechanics, helicopters, tanks, APCs and jets are all praised in BF3, before PCG takes on a Paris-based Rush mode map in which its objective is to destroy two set points with explosives.

"I can practically feel the weight of each shot," says Edwards. By the time the objective is abandoned by his team, and Edwards is "throwing doen as many grenades as I can carry... and firing from the hip", the writer says: "It's hilarious and terrifying. I feel like Rambo."

Although Battlefield is the writer's game of the show, "Call Of Duty doesn't make it into my Top Ten".

EA's Battlefield 3 will be released on 360, PS3 and PC on October 25 in the US and three days later in Europe.

Activision's Modern Warfare 3 will hit the same formats on November 8 worldwide.

You check out PCG's detailed E3 side-by-side preview of both games in Issue 229, in stores now.

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