Cheeky THQ pinches Uncharted, Skyrim and Arkham City's Google space

Saints Row invades rival game search terms

On a day when EA's been caught in accusations of hijacking Activision's Modern Warfare website URL, THQ's using its own cheeky tactics against Saints Row: The Third's November release rivals.


A deliberately intrusive Google ad (or 'Sponsored Link') for THQ's open-world stunner appears when you search for keywords such as 'Battlefield 3', 'Skyrim', 'Uncharted 3' or 'Arkham City' (can you find more?).

"Forget Battlefield 3/Elder Scrolls/Uncharted 3/Batman: Arkham City," it boldly states (delete as applicable), "Strap On Saints Row: The Third For The Most Over-The-Top Videogame."

It's not the first time THQ's used Google ads to target rival game fans, of course; back in February the publisher advertised "the biggest FPS of 2011" (Homefront) on searches for Battlefield 3.

And it's not just THQ who's up to the digital hijacking, of course; last year EA and Activision went to war on the search terms 'Medal Of Honor' and 'Call Of Duty', while promotional videos for Sony's Killzone 3 could be found on YouTube when using search terms related to a range of rival FPS games.

Saints Row: The Third will be landing in shops alongside Uncharted 3, Skyrim and Battlefield 3 this November.

Google AdWords is the search company's biggest source of revenue. The firm's total advertising revenues sat at a cool US$28 billion last year.