Uncharted 3: Naughty Dog explains dedicated server no-show

Studio looks for potential four year lifespan instead

Naughty Dog has explained why Uncharted 3's multiplayer won't include dedicated servers.


The studio has responded to a direct fan complaint over Twitter, after revealing that Nathan Drake's third outing will work via peer-to-peer connections.

"We're not going to have dedicated servers, made that decision long time ago + we built the current player host-client architecture," the developer wrote on Twitter.

"Decision for that server architecture was to be better able to support our fans long-term if we can/want.

"The cost delta between dedicated & non-dedicated is huge long term. Eventually someone will say it costs too great + shut them down. My personal hope is that by keeping costs down + strong enough community, we could be in a position to consider 4+ yrs of uptime."

The Uncharted 3 multiplayer beta has seen massive success with Naughty Dog reporting over one million sign-ups in what the studio heralded as a "massive week" for Uncharted 3.

[ SOURCE: Naughty Dog on Twitter ]