Sony launching new PSN video show, won't cost you a bean

Weekly on-console broadcast coming; Joint venture with Future Publishing

Sony is to host an all-new weekly HD video show on PSN in the UK - and it won't cost you a penny to download.


The show has been created by Future Publishing in close liaison with Sony itself. It will be available for download from the UK PlayStation Store, and will be free to eligible UK PSN account holders.

The series will feature up-to-the-minute HD previews, interviews and more, covering everything from the biggest up-and-coming PlayStation 3 games and Blu-ray movie releases to weekly highlights and "hidden gems" on PSN.

It will be aligned closely with SCE UK's PlayStation Access community strategy, and will feature exclusive reporting from SCE UK's Access and industry events.

Future's first on-console PSN show, FirstPlay, will close to make way for the new broadcast. The final episode of FirstPlay was released on July 6.

Future's Entertainment Group Publisher Simon Maxwell said: "We went a long way very quickly with FirstPlay and this new phase in our partnership with PlayStation will allow us to take HD video magazine content to the next level.

"Production on the new show is well under way and editorial standards are impeccably high. We're looking forward to providing SCE UK with top-quality video content for more PlayStation gamers than ever before."

SCE UK's Marketing Director Alan Duncan says: "This is a great content initiative which forms a key part of SCEUK's strategy to reward and engage with our consumers in a more meaningful way."

More information and timing of the new show will be announced in due course.