Mass Effect lead gameplay designer joins Riot Games

"Mass Effect 3 is going to be the best game in the series"

Christina Norman, until recently lead gameplay designer on Mass Effect 3, has joined League of Legends developer Riot Games.


Speaking to Gamasutra, Norman thanked BioWare for her time with the studio and said she believes the third game in the series is the best it has produced.

"I am thankful for my experience working on the Mass Effect series at BioWare, and think that Mass Effect 3 is going to be the best game in the series," she said.

Norman went on to express her excitement at working with Riot, whose Defence of the Ancients-inspired PC game has quickly developed a substantial online community and become a popular title on competitive gaming circuit.

"I'm looking forward to working with Riot on innovative new approaches to game design and game development in the rapidly-changing video game market," she added.

Norman's BioWare role has been filled by Preston Watamaniuk, who served as lead designer on the first two Mass Effect titles.

Earlier this month, Xbox World had a chat with Christina Norman and fellow Mass Effect gameplay designer Corey Gaspur. Check it out here.

[ SOURCE: Gamasutra ]