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Codemasters: UK devs should work more closely together

Sharing of resources would allow UK to compete better on the international scene

UK developers should share resources as part of a national hub in order to counter tax incentive abroad with efficiency.


That's the view of developers in Guildford studios such as Codemasters and Lionhead.

Head of Codies' new studio in the south east Ian Johnson suggests developers in the area should make use of their close proximity to eachother to combat increasing competition from overseas.

"I think if, as a group, we had the confidence to share resources between ourselves instead of grabbing onto things like they are some valuable golden eggs, that would be ideal," Johnson told Develop.

"That's nationally relevant too, but obviously getting there will mean many hurdles.

"There's obviously enticing tax incentives in places like Canada so the way that we can compete with those is to be efficient," he added.

Guildford is home to bring name developers such as Criterion, EA, Media Molecule along with Lionhead and Codemasters. There's a substantial indie dev community in the area as well.

Lionhead Studios publishing exec Stuart Whyte said that the dense population of studios in the area allows for "a lot of movement between the studios, and people changing careers within the hub".

"Hopefully we can all start to do that more and share," he added.

"We're all going to be growing and shrinking at different points as we make games, so the ability to foster an ecosystem where we can support people to move around between Guildford studios, and actually see them learn from different companies and spread that knowledge about making games between us; that could really help us all."

The Tories scrapped UK video games tax breaks under the coalition government in June last year. It caused something of a backlash with Activision threatening to quite the UK over what it saw as a poor show of support for the industry.

UK Secretary of State Jeremy Hunt said that the issue of games tax relief is always under review, back in April.

[ SOURCE: Develop ]