Double Fine's Trenched 'will be released in Europe'

Microsoft working to settle board game dispute currently blocking release

Double Fine has promised that Xbox Live Arcade game Trenched will be released in Europe at some point.


The game's currently blocked from launching in Europe due to a trademark dispute with a Portuguese board game designer, but the developer told Destructoid Microsoft's working hard to sort out the legal issues.

Trenched producer Brad Muir said: "This entire process has been very frustrating to us and it makes us sad that the people of Europe can't play our game.

"Microsoft owns the IP for Tenched and they are working to resolve things as quickly as possible. I wish there were more information to give but it's still unclear as to how things will shake out. The one thing I do know is that the game will be released in those territories.

"It might take a while," he added, "but Europeans will have the opportunity to stick it to Vlad and his Tubes."

Microsoft also offered the following statement to Joystiq: "We don't have an update on the distribution of Trenched in Europe yet. ... We're working to resolve the matter as soon as possible and will keep you posted."

Stacking and Costume Quest developer Double Fine announced Trenched, a third-person mech-based alien blaster at GDC in March. Get the reveal trailer here.