iOS App Store sees UK price increases

International balancing sees Aus prices down, UK up

Apple has 'balanced' the prices of iOS apps on its App Store - including games - with welcome price cuts in Australia and slight price increases in the UK.


Effective immediately, Australian consumers can now purchase from Apple's App store at US dollar rates. The change only applies to apps though: movies, music and digital books will remain the same.

Most prices have been reduced by around 25 percent, with apps formerly costing $1.19 now available for $0.99. It's a start.

The move follows recent changes in foreign exchange rates and tax laws, which has seen Australian consumers paying more for apps even while the dollar is stronger than its US equivalent. While Apple's move is welcome, Australian PC gamers still play more on Steam than those in the US, even while our dollar is stronger.

In the UK meanwhile, 59p apps have gone up to 69p, £1.19 apps are now £1.49, and at the higher end of the scale £9.49 apps have been increased to £10.99.

App Store prices for Switzerland, Japan, Mexico and Norway are also said to have seen adjustments today, as part of Apple's shake-up.