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App Store model 'in freefall' - EA

Publisher plays down future importance of digital store hubs

EA chief creative director Richard Hilleman has said the App Store payment model is "essentially in freefall", arguing that increasingly people want to pay for content "in-game versus out of the game."


Speaking to trade mag MCV, Hilleman shared some of the publisher's experiences from the digital marketplace, seemingly playing down the future of digital stores like Apple's.

"Our current experience is that the App Store model is essentially in freefall. That increasingly people in that context need to pay in-game versus out of the game," he told MCV.

"The good news is that our experience with DLC has been that if we do those strategies successfully, that we get payment rates that are far superior to almost everybody else in the online commerce space."

Apple moved last night to re-balance international prices on the App Store, with some territories seeing welcome price cuts while others - including the UK - saw the cost of apps increase.