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LA Noire: Zombies - What we want to see

Spoiler alert: This is our list, but what do YOU want to see?

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Sure you could mow down the odd dawdler here and there but, because of the nature of the game, there was little opportunity for mass civilian casualty and it was severely muted when it did crops up.

When LA is full of zombies, though, all bets are off. We want to be able to plough through the Sunday morning horde like it's GTA III all over again.


Taking a leaf out of the X-Men catalogue, we think a much richer zombie world would be one where not all of the undead are brain-eating pests.

In fact, after getting over the smell of the walking corpses, we think it'd be kind of neat if the LAPD actually enlisted a zombie or two to work on the newly created 'Undead Desk.'

If we don't get to play as a zombie (staggering around crime scenes, tripping over the recently murdered and making confused grunts to the Coroner) then we'd at least like a zombie partner drooling in the passenger seat in a battered Fedora.


In another nod to GTA, we'd like to see Rockstar push for the 'belt-up' mechanic that saw Niko Belic go crashing through car windscreens when he crashed at speed without a seatbelt on.

We'd love nothing more than to slam into a lamp post only to see our already dead friend fly down the road, possibly losing a limb or two upon impact, only to pick himself up, gather his broken bits and stagger back to the car.

Who should take the role of the LAPD's number one dead guy? We can't think of anyone better than Cole Phelps himself, still a little moist after all that time in a watery grave.

Failing that we'll take Bruce Campbell in and Evil Dead sort of role playing Detective Zach Ombie. Hey, if they can get half the cast of Mad Men, they can get The Campbell.

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