Naughty Dog gets chatty with Bungie, Infinity Ward

Uncharted 3 dev 'happy to help other studios'

While gamers bicker about console wars, triple A exclusives and studio supremacy, developers themselves are quite happy to sit with other studios and chew the fat.


Naughty Dog, for example, took advice from Guerrilla on "cool particle effects" but it's also gone beyond first-party studios to talk with the likes of Bungie and Infinity Ward.

"Sony's first-party developers are all pretty good friends. Like, we know the guys at Media Molecule, Guerrilla and all these other people," Naughty Dog's game director Justin Richmond told NowGamer.

"But honestly, we'll talk to anybody, not just Sony first-party studios. We want everybody to be making games that we want to play, so if people want to talk shop, we're happy to do it.

"On top of that though, when we released the first Uncharted we also released all of what we used to all of the first-party developers," he added.

"We did that with Uncharted 2 as well, and we're always open to helping other studios out if they say, 'Hey, how did you guys do this? How did you do that?' We're always happy to tell them what we did, as there's no secret.

"Guerrilla actually came up with a few cool particle effects and they were like, 'Oh, you should do it like this', and we were like, 'Oh, of course!'

"And yeah we trade tech secrets and such, and we've spoken to Bungie and the guys at Infinity Ward.

"It's this kind of small community in that you keep on running into these people over and over again, and as an industry we're always collectively trying to raise the bar.

"With each new game, we're not trying to reinvent the wheel, but we all strive to do something that someone else hasn't done already. It's just really cool to get together with other studios and thrash that stuff out."

One thing that Naughty Dog could probably gain some tips from the likes of Bungie and Infinity Ward on is how to create and manage a world beating multiplayer.

Uncharted 3 will continue where its predecessorleft off with an online offering that the developer has described as "astronomical".

[ SOURCE: NowGamer ]