Reckoning: Kingdoms of Alamur screenshots are all kinds of magic

We take a look at EA's latest foray into

New screenshots for Reckoning: Kingdoms of Alamur have hit the net and we've got them right here for you.


We've also had a look at the latest EA published RPG first hand and we were quietly impressed with what it had to offer.

Our man Tim Clark compared placed Reckoning somewhere between Fable and Dragon Age, pointing out that, while it doesn't pull any surprises on the surface, it does offer something a little bit different in the combat department.

"Although not immediately obvious from these still shots," noted Tim. "The difference is clear when you see the game demoed live, as the lead character rolls out of danger, uses juggle combos and frame interrupts, moves all more commonly found in one-on-one beat-'em-ups."

"Also noteworthy was the way the camera zoomed dynamically to keep the action looking as exciting as possible."

Have a read of the full Reckoning: Kingdoms of Alamur preview if you haven't already to get our full verdict on the game's progress so far.