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Rise of Nightmares receives Australian classification

Upcoming Kinect scare-a-thon rated MA15+

Australians are well-versed in their country's, shall we say, peculiar history when it comes to classifying video games. Where one title is ushered in with its violence and gore intact, another is turned away for packing similar content. Kinect owners, meanwhile, can breathe a sigh of relief with SEGA announcing its upcoming horror title Rise of Nightmares has been classified MA15+ by the Australian Classification Board.


In a statement sent to Australian media, SEGA cites the verdict with "strong horror violence, blood and gore" warnings intact. However, a search on the Classification Board website is yet to turn up a listing for the title, meaning that at the time of publication we're unable to verify this ourselves. Nonetheless, SEGA Australia's Managing Director Darren Macbeth seems confident with the outcome, saying "Rise of Nightmares offers a truly mature experience for the Kinect and SEGA are excited to be at the forefront of delivering a fresh alternative to the older Kinect audience."

Keen for a Kinectified scare-'em-up? Keener to know when Australians might usher in an R18+ rating? Sound off in the comments below!

[ SOURCE: Sega ]