Xbox 720 could run Windows OS, analysts speculate

Microsoft wants Xbox, PCs, phones to be part of 'single ecosystem'

Earlier this week at the Worldwide Partner Conference, Microsoft's Andy Lees discussed the company's vision for a "single ecosystem" encompassing PCs, phones, tablets, and TVs.


Lees revealed Microsoft is aiming to provide a "coherence and consistency" across all its devices "particularly with Xbox".

"We won't have an ecosystem for PCs, and one for phones, and one for tablets - they'll all come together," he explained.

Although it's only speculation at the moment experts are guessing that Microsoft will likely launch a new operating system after Windows 8 that is designed to run on PCs, tablets, phones, as well as the next-generation Xbox console.

2K boss Christoph Hartmann has said Microsoft and Sony are "experimenting" with Kinect and Move for what could be the foundations of their next-generation console plans.

[ SOURCE: Thisismynext ]