WRC 2: 'Realistic and enjoyable can be in the same sentence'

Ubisoft racer attempts to combine arcade and sim

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The game last year sold very well especially in France and the UK and Italy, so all the major European countries. The competition - the WRC Championship - is going up thanks to new revelations led by the FIA to make the Championship more accessible. For example, VW will enter the competition in 2003 so in terms of content for the manufacturers, it's worth participating in the Championship and that makes the Championship more popular for the followers.

What do you think of other racing titles like Gran Turismo and Forza? Do you think you can get the attention of racing fans, not necessarily rally fans?

There's a difference because WRC - and F1 as well - have a license so first of all in terms of improvement you can make a revolution when you have a licensed game. You change the liveries, you change the gameplay modes, you can introduce some specific features, but you can make a revolution.


On the other side in games like Grant Turismo, even if they have some licensed cars and trucks, that there's still room to improve on massive games to a collection of one thousand cars. I personally am a WRC follower and a motorsport fan so I usually buy all the racing titles but I think WRC is dedicated to the WRC followers as well as to the motorsport fans because its fun, it's innovative, it's a real driving experience and it's accessible too.

Have you had any experience with the Vita and the Wii U at all for this?

We are starting some stuff for the future yeah.

What were your impressions?

What I think is that the use of Kinect and other devices on racing games, their implementation isn't easy because their use must be justified by a real gameplay improvement. You can go for a technical demo because the publisher, generally speaking, must offer a good gaming experience not just a technical demo in order to say "Ok I can use Kinect for this title, I can use the Wii U for the other title."

We'll see what the other third parties will offer to the consumers. We're starting some things but we're going to focus on the core target of the racing and maybe expand our target in the future to attract more people.

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