CVG's Site of The Week: Ironhammers

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Last week on our site of the week feature we gave props to Splitkick, a site that aims to conjure debate and customise content to its readers so directly that its reviews are based around specific questions submitted by the Splitkick audience.


This week we're ushering Ironhammers up onto the podium. The site aspires to be the one-stop-shop for PC gaming news and reviews.

We had a quick chat with Bobby Gooding, founder, editor and host about the site, its strengths and what it has in store for the future.

What sets Ironhammers apart from other sites?

Quite simply, we're PC gamers and we don't do multiplatorm. The site was started after I'd read one too many reviews on the larger multiplatform websites where the Xbox 360 version had been played, but the review would be marked as PC, PS3 and 360.

Us PC gamers are a funny bunch at times and we seem to analyse video games on several merits that the consoles don't require. For example, we may play a multiplatform title that's a really great game, but lacks in an ability to adjust many graphical settings or perhaps doesn't offer keyboard mapping; we'll highlight such issues, and commend those that get it right. That's what I feel really sets us apart.

What would you say you specialise in?

PC gaming, of course. But to take that one step further, I'd say we specialise in looking at things from the mind of PC gamer. We're all devoted to playing games on our computers and the team is made up solely of voluntary writers, so we really are doing this because we love the platform and want to spread the love of something that often goes unnoticed by the masses.

This means we'll often try to cover the sorts of games that usually remain unseen. There's a wealth of PC exclusives from smaller developers are often overshadowed by the latest triple A release, as well as whole genres -- such as simulators -- that will only ever be seen on the PC for a multitude of reasons.

We see it as our job to offer these guys some coverage, and perhaps tempt a few people to check out a game that they'd usually never have looked twice at.

What do you have planned for the future?

Firstly, we want to do a lot more of what we're doing already. We'd love to find some more volunteers that hold the PC close to their hearts, and I'll be devoting a lot more of my personal time to the website in the near future in a bid to offer more complete and frequent coverage of the PC gaming scene.

We're also very keen to offer more hardware and peripheral content, there's so many keyboards, mice and other devices available within the PC gaming market that we feel our team could really offer some great advice on.

And finally, we're really beginning a push to get in touch with and interview a lot more PC developers. We really want to pick their brains on the thoughts and reasoning behind the bringing games to the PC. Ultimately, we hope this will bring some fresh content to the website that really is unique to Ironhammers.