Ubisoft admits 'struggling to nail down' Ghost Recon's identity

It's difficult to grow the franchise and stay true to its roots, developer says

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier developers have admitted struggling to stay true to the tactical shooter series' roots while simultaneously trying to grow its user base.


Multiplayer creative director Tommy Jacob said: "It's been a struggle to nail down and maintain an identity that stays true to Ghost Recon's roots while allowing the franchise to grow and be competitive in the genre."

Like the last few Assassin's Creed games, Future Soldier is an international development effort being carried out by teams with different languages and cultures, which lead game designer Roland Campos Oriola says has been another tricky element of the project.

"It was always going to be a challenge," he said. "It's the drill when you're working on a franchise with a quality track record and you want to innovate and offer a different game experience. It takes time and trials to get it right."

Earlier this month, Ubisoft UK brand manager Matt Benson said the publisher's happy to let EA and Activision fight it out for the FPS crown this Christmas, then bring a much slower tempo to the genre with Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.

While distancing the Ubi shooter from Activision's and EA's efforts, Benson did suggest that Ghost Recon had been too "dry" in the past and has learnt to be more "intuitive and fun" like its competition.