Battlefield 3: Massive hands-on

We spend some quality time with DICE's stunning shooter...

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Based on what we've played and seen so far, there seems little room to doubt that the finished Battlefield 3 will be impressive. DICE clearly feel confident, too. They know they've got the formula for making shooting people in the face fun, they know their game engine makes everything look fantastic, and they know they're offering more content than any of their competitors. And here's a strange truth: Battlefield's biggest enemy isn't really Modern Warfare 3. Or Killzone, Medal Of Honor or the rest of PS3's big shooters, come to that. It's awareness. It's the creation of that unique tingle of excitement that demands you take the plunge into something new; that you venture into the traditionally terrifying online world, stake your reputation on a particular game by recommending it to friends because you think they'll love it. Modern Warfare 3 already has that.


It has an established brand that people - for better or worse - trust. It has awareness, as anyone who saw the 90-second ad during the Champion's League final will know. And it has an engine that confidently delivers solid, if not innovative, first-person shooting. If we had to make predictions right now, we'd say Modern Warfare will sell more, but Battlefield will be the better game.

It seems unfair: however Bach remains optimistic. He's here for the long run. "Something I hear a lot from people who haven't actually played Battlefield is that they'd love a modern-day, first-person shooter with everything you have in other games, but with vehicles and proper destruction. They say, "That would be
awesome!" In other words, this is the game everyone claims they want..."

Leaving Stockholm, we realise we can happily echo Patrick Bach's sentiments, though with one slight change: this is the game we definitely want to play this October.

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