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Video: Assassin's Creed dev on revealing Desmond's purpose

Revelations designer teases character bombshells

Ubisoft lead game designer Alexandre Breault has teased some of the character bombshells set to appear in the aptly named Assassin's Creed Revelations.

Speaking to CVG at Ubisoft's summer showcase in London last week, Breault revealed that in particular we can expect to learn a lot more about modern day protagonist Desmond, and what his purpose is in the Assassin's series.

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"We have all-new gameplay with Desmond and the interesting aspect is we'll really be able to see more of the background of Desmond throughout the game," he said.

"So we will reveal a lot about his character and build up what Desmond is, what his purpose is within the game."

Dumbing down the megaton expectations somewhat, Assassin's writer Darby McDevitt said last week Revelations 'won't answer every question'.