BioWare to make Star Wars: Old Republic 'announcements'

EA MMO to finally get a release date?

BioWare's set to make "announcements" during its Star Wars: The Old Republic panel at ComicCon in San Diego next week, it's said.


The developer told fans on its official website:

"At 3:30PM on Thursday, July 21st our panel for Star Wars: The Old Republic will be held inside room #6BCF. During the panel we will be answering questions from the audience, giving away some items, showing new gameplay footage and making some announcements!"

The developer offered no hints on what the "announcements" might entail, but speculation's already strongly pointing towards the disclosure of an official release date for the EA MMO - something that's eluded the project for many moons.

If you haven't already, stick your eyes on that amazing CGI trailer from E3, and instantly want to spend money on Star Wars.