Activision moves to stamp out 'epic fail'

Call of Duty firm files complaint against pro-Battlefield prank

Activision's filed a complaint against the owners of, the website domain that previously cheekily redirected to EA's official Battlefield site.


The Call of Duty firm has filed its first domain name dispute with the National Arbitration Forum, paying $2,600 USD to file for a three-member panel.

As of today, no longer magics browsers off to EA's Battlefield 3 website - instead it displays a far more offensive anti-Call of Duty site which calls Modern Warfare 3 "the copy and paste sequel to the lackluster Modern Warfare 2," and damns its e3 campaign demo an "epic fail".

Activision's not pleased. In its 11-page complaint document, the publisher states the site is being used to support one of its "principal competitors".

"It appears that the Respondent supports the game Battlefield from the game developer Electronic Arts ("EA")," the firm states in the document.

"EA is one of Complainant's principal competitors in the video game industry, and Battlefield game competes in the marketplace with Complainant's MODERN WARFARE games and its other military-themed shooter games in the CALL OF DUTY series."

[ SOURCE: Fusible ]