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Battlefield 3 'won't be on Steam,' reveals retailer

Another EA title pulled from Valve's platform

US retailer GameStop has suggested EA and DICE's highly-anticipated shooter Battlefield 3 will not be available on Steam when it's released in October.


Earlier this month EA published a list supposedly detailing retailers expected to distribute Battlefield 3, with Valve's Steam platform omitted.

Although most initially speculated that this was a move to shift the balance of power in favour of EA's Origin service, it has since been revealed that the shooter will be available on other digital services including GameStop's, suggesting there may be some bad blood between EA and Valve.

Financial research firm Baird, which is believed to have held a meeting with GameStop management, confirmed the absence in a report.

"The upcoming EA title Battlefield 3 will be sold as a download through GameStop, but not through Steam," it read.

It went on to suggest that publishers were warming to EA's service. "Given Steam's dominance - and insistence on users downloading a Steam client application - publishers are likely to be receptive to a competitive alternative," it added.

In June Crysis 2, another high-profile EA title, was pulled from Steam and later appeared as an 'Origin exclusive' on EA's digital release platform.

EA later moved to clarify the situation, claiming it did not pull the shooter from Steam - it was kicked out by new service regulation.

[ SOURCE: Develop ]