Darksiders 2: More Prince of Persia, less God of War

Why THQ's bruiser might finally get the attention it deserves...

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Using our Ghost Hook we latch onto his head, slamming it into the ground and leaving him stunned long enough for us to wail on him for a bit. A few minutes of rinsing and repeating and the monster stumbles, which is more than enough time for Death to summon his reaper form and decapitate the champion, securing its head and an audience with the Lord of Bones.

Darksiders 2 seems to be cleverly building on what it did very well in the previous game. The role-playing mechanics pave the way for a much deeper, personalised experience that allows players to create their own unique version of Death, kit him out and develop skills to match their play style.


However, the quality of the dungeons will make or break the game. The first Darksiders is proof that Vigil knows what it's doing, and with the promise of optional side-quests as well as unique dungeons we might be in for something very special indeed - and the the series might finally get the attention it deserves.

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