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Child of Eden PS3 to cost just €19.99

Ubisoft dates Sony version for September

Ubisoft's confirmed the PS3 version of Tetsuya Mizuguchi's hypnotic Child of Eden will be released on September 23.


The astonishing detail about the Sony version, however, is that it's going to retail for just €19.99 in Europe, an Ubisoft spokesperson confirmed to Edge. That's half the price of the Xbox 360 Kinect release.

The price slash could be in response to the full price Kinect title selling just 34,000 units in its debut month in North America, according to NPD data.

Developer Q Entertainment's all but confirmed Move support for the PS3 version, and the tantalising prospect of stereoscopic 3D support also seems to be on the cards.

Producer James Mielke said last month: "It will definitely be worth the couple months that people have to wait for the PS3 version to get finished. People with PS3s, people with nice TVs, people with all kinds of control options... it's going to be really cool."

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[ SOURCE: Edge ]