NCsoft teasing 'world exclusive' for GamesCom

Guild Wars-related goodies coming?

MMO specialist NCsoft is teasing a "world exclusive" reveal for GamesCom in Cologne next month.


In a release sent out to press today, the company said in a statement: "As outstanding members of the gaming media community we'd love to invite you to join us for a World Exclusive Announcement and Press Briefing at our stand on Wednesday 17th August."

We'll have men on the ground in Germany, so expect news to land right here around then.

The news looks likely to be Guild Wars 2-related - and our money's on a release date.

NcSoft has been steadily releasing information and assets linked to the game throughout this year.

The title's developer, Arenanet, has promised to create "a subscription-free MMO where players create their own personalised story in a richly imagined world where their actions have real consequences".

Guild Wars 2 will feature five races: humans and charr, first introduced in Prophecies, the asura and norn, first introduced in Eye of the North, and the all-new sylvari.

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