Assassin's Creed for Wii U isn't Revelations - so what is it?

Ubisoft keeps us puzzled

We knew that Ubisoft was making an Assassin's Creed game for Wii U. What we didn't know was that it's definitely not AC: Revelations.


According to Ubi bossman Yves Guillemot, the title is simply something "for the future". Assassin's Creed III perhaps? He's not ruling it out.

Guillemot was interviewed by Swedish website Aftonbladet, and was asked: "We saw something about a new Assassin's Creed for Wii U. What can you say about that?"

He replied that a Wii U game was in the making, but when the site queried if Revelations was coming to the console, he added: "No, not Revelations. For the future."

Then, when Guillemot was further questioned as to whether the game was indeed Assassin's Creed III, he commented: "I can't tell you that."

Assassin's Creed Wii U was announced last month at E3 in Los Angeles. Ubisoft's Quebec studio is taking charge of the title.

Guillemot said Wii U was a "strong source of inspiration" for his company.

[ SOURCE: EuroGamer ]