Video interview: Driver dev on building gaming's 'biggest open city'

Reflections discusses gameplay vs. realism

Driver: San Francisco's main man, creative director Martin Edmondson, has discussed developer Reflections' process recreating the US city as "the biggest open city driving environment ever."

Speaking to CVG at Ubisoft's London summer showcase event last week, Edmondson explained that his studio's trying to find a balance between realism and fun gameplay.

"It's a realistic model of San Francisco in terms of the general themes and layout. It's not an inch-by-inch perfect recreation because experience has told us that that generally doesn't produce a great game," he said.

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"We've taken the key areas that people would want to play in - the areas that are quite diverse - and pushed them together. So you don't have to drive or spend ages going from one area to another - it's all quite compact."

He concluded: "There's 210 miles of driving road so it's the biggest open city driving environment ever."

Ubisoft recently released the confirmed list of licensed cars for San Francisco along with a trailer that's essentially car porn.