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'Definitely life left in PS3, 360,' says Far Cry 3 dev

Video Interview: Ubisoft on pushing every platform to its limits

Ubisoft says it wants to make sure it really pushes the boundaries on every platform Far Cry 3 is released for.

Somewhat at odds with Ubisoft CEO's calls for next-gen hardware, lead game designer Jamie Keen argues there's "definitely life in the current-gen consoles".

"We were very lucky with our engine in that we went through a lot of the things we had to work out in regards to consoles previously on Far Cry 2. That technical knowledge and expertise is really serving us well now.

"With the way that PCs are developing at the moment they obviously have much more grunt under the hood, which allows them to do things that the consoles perhaps are less well suited for.

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"But equally we really want to push and make sure that whatever platform it's coming on that we really push the boundaries as much as possible," he added.

"I still think there's definitely life in the current-gen consoles because people are really understanding now how to get much more out of them."

To see the unedited gameplay footage from the video interview above, hit this red text.