GoldenEye goes HD: First PS3/360 screenshots

Wii update Reloaded revealed

GoldenEye 007 Reloaded has finally been confirmed by a large batch of screenshots that've appeared online.

[UPDATE: ,a href="">Activision's just officially announced GoldenEye 007 Reloaded for release this autumn.]


The new GoldenEye game was first spotted in Activision website registrations last month, and gained further credibility this morning when it was spotted in a Amazon retail listing.

Activision released its first GoldenEye game - developed by Eurocom - last year and it received decent reviews.

Seemingly though, despite Nintendo claiming healthy sales for the title - and Activison's game itself being the second N64 remake after EA's attempt - it looks like the publisher's going for the double dip.

As previously speculated - and backed up by Amazon's PS3 and 360 listings - 'Reloaded' appears to be an updated port of GoldenEye Wii for HD consoles.

We'll let you know when Activision fires out official details.